The strong bond in relationships creates a positive energy that lasts till eternity

it’s of obvious fact that we all have a relationship with one or two people and this relationship affects us in one way or the other so let’s buckle our sit belt’s as we dive into this content.
There are different types of relationship and examples are parent child relationship, spouses relationship, relationship with people around you e.g siblings, friends, neighbors e.t.c.
The first rule of every relationship is acceptance. If you can’t accept the other party involved in the relationship ,it’s the beginning of a crack in the relationship.¬† ¬†Acceptance can come in different forms, it can be in the form of the other party attitude or reaction to certain things that’s why studying the other party is a necessity.

The second rule is respect. There are times where you would have to respect the other party to show that you really care about them(and it has to do with putting all age factor behind you at that moment). Respect comes in different forms,it might be in the aspect of decision making ,it might be showing respect to eachother in public settings. Respect in a relationship is not limited to one gender .

The third rule is understanding. Understanding goes a long way in building the foundation of your relationship with the other party. It serves as a means of getting to know the other party more than anyone else and can easily predict the other party action. For this to happen there should be a strong bond that connects both parties.

The last rule is trust. Trust goes a long way in every relationship, it helps to build the level of closeness between both parties.

Benefits of relationships

*Relationships help to have people you can rely on.

*Healthy relationships help people to improve in their interactions with people.

*Relationships serve as a safe space where you get to be you and free.

*It helps one to know those who would be there in times of need and in times of surplus.

* Healthy relationships helps to reduce stress level


There’s no relationship that doesn’t have its ups and downs but what matters is how it is handled to pass the test of time.

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