I think we really need to understand and lecture ourselves of the kind of RACISM we are actually fighting. I am not surprised that 70% of BLACK people do not really know that the RACISM started 300,000-500,000 years ago from the “Blacks” themselves. Here is what we need to get straight, we are not actually fighting “Color Racism”, what we are fighting is called “Human Race” and until we understand that there isn’t nothing like “black or white” we will keep being ignorant of this. (Ifehatu i am gonna throw some shout out to you for that argument we had in the office and making me do findings through research and a lot of reading).

Do you know that the person next to you is your 30th or 50th cousin from your great great great grandfather? Sounds stupid right? Listen, do not be deceived, we were originated from one creature, and from it other generations developed and later originated to its define destination. Now come to think of it; how is it possible that when ever a black woman and man marries each other it is possible for them to give birth to albino,and very fair people, chocolate color and other different skin color.

Looking back at where this hate originated from, we can see that there is a lot of HATE between BLACK people, we see so many “Black African and African American hating on each other. It is this “hate” that made the “fair-white” people become superior, and until we the “blacks” understand our root of “RACISM” the “whites” would not stop believing the “myth”.

So, each time you are about to be bitter, negative, or a racist by “tribe, religion or color” just know that you are doing that to your 30th Cousin, because “prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance”.


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